Newly Developed Behavioral Treatment To End Bruxism For Your Patients. 
*Patent Pending Device To Detect, Treat & Improve Patient Compliance With Bruxism*
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We're on a mission to help dentists provide better detection and treatment of bruxism disorder. We help the dentist deliver a more comprehensive bruxism treatment and achieve better patient compliance during the dental splint fitting process. BruxRelief provides the dentist with a powerful tool that will ensure the patient gets the very best care they deserve. Signup below to apply for partnership with BruxRelief.
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Your patients silently suffer from bruxism & together we can help them. Many patients suffer for years unaware of the cause of the pain & damage to their teeth. You've heard patients complain about sore jaw muscles, headaches, neck pain, migraines, sensitive teeth... teeth slowly being grinded away. Wouldn't you love a powerful way to DETECT & TREAT bruxism. Now YOU can prescribe a simple test that will detect bruxism early (before damage occurs), reduce or eliminate painful symptoms of bruxism and compliment the dental splints you already provide the patient.
Imagine A Better Practice
  •  Provide New Therapy: Cost effective test and therapy for your patients, residual revenue for you.
  • Alignment: Supplements and strengthens your current practice. Detect if bruxism is present, then treat the patient with dental splints and biofeedback therapy.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Greater patient satisfaction and more comprehensive treatment. 
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